A wide spectrum of colors abound naturally in fine hardwoods. Our inventory of high quality lumber can be purchased in standard lengths and widths or custom ordered with special sorts to best suit your needs.  

Click on a specie below for more details on description, uses, sources, etc.

Alder Aromatic Red Cedar Mahogany
Ash - White Spanish Cedar Red Oak - Northern
Ash - Natural Cherry Red Oak - Appalachian
Ash - Unselected Cherry - Steamed Red Oak - Premium
Ash - Southern Cypress White Oak
Basswood Hickory White Pine (Furniture Grade)
Beech Hard Maple - Unselected Poplar
Birch - Northern Hard Maple - Natural Walnut
Sap Birch - Northern Hard Maple - White
Red Birch - Northern Soft Maple
Butternut Soft Maple - White